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connecting brands and retailers

The retail media platform that enables brands to run full funnel campaigns on retailers' channels.

why work with streaem?

one-stop shop

streaem is a self-service platform that lets brands and agencies run full funnel omni-channel campaigns on retailer’s channels. It gives retailers full control over their data and customer experience, and the possibility to run in-house campaigns and optimize yield.

drive growth

retailers have the unique opportunity for brands to connect directly with their customers. This offers a world of potential for both parties that’s currently not being captured. streaem enables brands and retailers to grow together through retail media, content and the right insights.

native and easy to implement

streaem is an easy to implement software as a service platform and operates completely server side. The platform offers unique display and content functionalities to guarantee a native customer experience on retailer’s channels. Data used in the platform stays in control of the retailer and is not used for other purposes.

streaem offers great benefits

A frictionless one-stop shop solution for media buying, content optimisation and insights
Full transparent and controlled environment. Full grip and control over your data and customer experience
A self-service retail media solution for brands & retailers
Completely native integration and server-side solution

about us

streaem is a marketing platform created by the retail media & data monetization team of Newcraft. After many years of working with large retailers and brands, we came to the conclusion that retailers and brands should work together differently to drive long-term growth. Transparency, flexibility and true partnerships are the key drivers behind streaem.

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